Size Guide

Wig Sizes and Different Types

It isn’t easy to know what size wig cap will work best for you. It seems only fair that we provide you with some information on standard sizing charts and instructions for taking your lovely head measurement. This will guide you when choosing the wig size for you. All the best in choosing the right wig.


Pizza Sizes: Which One to Order?

Pizza is not just a food, it’s more of an art. Every brand looks for a way to capture the heart of the consumer with a uniquely prepared crust. However, the bigger the size, the more additional charges incurred. This article highlights the various sizes of pizzas and how many people can enjoy each size.


Pimple Patches Size Guide

Pimples can be treated with the help of many different natural and pharmaceutical regimens, one of which is the pimple patch.  Acne patches prevent inflamed acne and cause faster healing. It is however important first to determine the best patch size to cover up your pimple and this article contains the pimple patch size chart.