Diadora Heritage Sneakers Size Chart and Fitting

About Diadora Shoes Sizing

Diadora is back as never before. The heritage sneakers and shoes are extremely popular and are based on iconic classics of the eighties. A full Diadora Heritage sneakers size chart and fitting of models that are back in fashion:

  • B.Elite: The brand icon which has been recast to evoke the 1980 OG model specially created to celebrate the epic tennis players of that decade.
  • MI Basket: the hero style Unisex heritage sneaker, Model developed ad-hoc in 1984 in the occasion of the Milan Basketball team sponsorship.

After a real struggle to survive and find its place in the oh-so-competitive sneaker market, Diadora has managed to return but also become a super cool and special brand. You don’t become iconic for no reason and that’s something Diadora knows pretty well.

Diadora Shoe Size chart Content:

Are you in between sizes?

Don’t worry… with Diadora shoes you’re covered. Many Diadora sneakers come in half sizes. In case there’s not a half size available, choose the closest full size up.

Convert Diadora shoe sizes

In the listed tables below, you can convert Diadora US shoe size to UK & EU shoe sizes for men, women and kids’ Diadoras. The sizing in Diadora shoes is similar for sneakers, sport shoes, etc…

Mens’ Diadora Shoe size chart


Women’s Diadora Shoe size chart


Diadora Kids Size chart


How to measure your feet for the perfect Diadora heritage sneakers size

We always recommend measuring both feet, so you can convert shoe sizes between the US, UK, and European size systems: Here’s a simple how-to post about it.

Probably you don’t feel like reading or quickly want to buy those cool Diadora Heritage Sneakers.
To make it easy, we summed up our tips to measure your feet:

Time needed: 3 minutes

  1. Measure your or your kid’s feet in the afternoon.

    Feet tend to swell during the day, so it’s best to take feet measurements in the afternoon

  2. Stand When Measuring, but with smaller children this is not needed

    Due to the pressure of the body, your feet take their real size. For wheelchair users, it’s not needed to stand up to take shoe size measurement

  3. Wear socks

    Most shoes are worn with socks, so it’s advisable to wear socks while measuring your feet. Many Diadora sneakers are worn without socks, so take this into account.

  4. Be precise

  5. Measure both feet

    People’s left and right feet are never 100% equal in size. the final shoe size is determined by the measurement of your biggest foot.

  6. Stand on a piece of paper

    Again, for wheelchair users, this step can be skipped

  7. Start drawing

    Put your pen or pencil straight onto the paper you’re drawing on.

  8. Measure the length of your feet

    use a simple ruler to measure the length from toe to heel.

  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape
    (for infants, toddlers and little kids shoes, this step is optional)

  10. Determine your size in the conversion charts

    Check the Diadora Shoe sizing for men, women and kids

How do diadora shoes fit?

Diadora Shoes run true to size, but remember depending on the upper material (like Kangaroo leather for instance) the shoes might stretch up to a half size. …

Compared to Nike you should definitely buy half a size bigger, especially for children’s Diadora shoes.