International mattress size chart

A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet… The best mattress and bedding are extremely subjective.
Apart from the texture and feel, there is another very important facet of your mattress, which influences your choice—the size. This is the main reason we’ve added an international mattress size chart to Getting the right size mattress is one of the crucial specifications leading to a good night’s sleep.

Mattress size chart summary

How to Measure your Mattress

There’s no such thing called the perfect size for a mattress. The main reason is that choosing the right mattress size is mainly a choice based on personal preferences.

Factors like room size, how active a sleeper you are, and whether or not you share a bed influence which sizes best suit your needs. Understanding the dimensions and names will help you narrow down the options to help you find the right bed size to suit your specific needs.
Remember that height/thickness varies depending on the manufacturer and model, so there is no universal thickness for each mattress size.

US Mattress size chart

Standard Mattress Size chart

SizeDimensionsBest for
Mattress nameInches (US)CentimetersUsers
Twin or Single39″ x 75″98 × 189 cmChildren & Teens (4 years and older)
Single adults under 6’ tall
Twin XL39″ x 80″98 × 202 cmGrowing teens or tall adults
Using an adjustable bed frame
Full or Double54″ x 75″136 × 189 cmSingle adults under 6’ tall
Couples that do not require a lot of leg room
Queen60″ x 80″152 × 202 cmSingle sleeper with the need for some space
Couples without children or pets sharing the bed
King75″ x 80″193 × 202 cmCouples who want maximum personal sleeping space
Couples sharing a bed with a child
California King72″ x 84″183 × 212 cmCouples with both tall adults, both over 6″ tall
Most common sizes in US in Inches and Centimeter. With suggested user preferences.

Special Mattress sizes

SizeDimensionsBest for
Inches (US)CentimetersUsers
Crib or Cot27.5″ × 52″70 × 132 cmNew borns and babies
0 – 2 years
Junior27.5″ × 63″70 × 160 cmToddlers younger then 3 years
Cot or
Small Single
30″ × 75″76 × 191 cmBabies and toddlers
4 years and up
Twin XXL37.5″ × 83.5″95 × 212 cmGrowing teens or tall adults
Using an adjustable bed frame
When required, a lot of legroom (e.g., with a pet)
Full XL or
Double XL
53.5″ × 79.5″136 × 202 cmFor an adult with limited bedroom space
When not enough room to put a Queen size
Super Queen or
Expanded Queen
66″ × 80″168 × 203 cm6 inches wider than standard Queen, also thicker
Couples without children or pets sharing the bed
California Queen60″ × 83.5″152 × 212 cm4 inches longer than the standard Queen
When required, a lot of legroom (e.g., with a pet)
Grand King or
Texas King
80″ × 98″203 × 249 cmFor really tall people, like basketball players
Wyoming King84″ × 84″213 × 213 cmWhen sleeping with more than 2 adults in 1 bed
Spacious for large couples
Alaska King or
Alaskan King
108″ × 108″274 × 274 cmLarge families sleeping with more than 2 children
When people have different sleeping schedules
Special sizes and dimensions in US sized mattresses in Inches and Centimeter. With suggested user preferences.

Different regions, different Sizes

This page focused mainly on North American Sizes of Mattresses.
To keep it simple and create user-friendly tables in the International mattress size chart, you can find below links to region-based size charts.

Choose your mattress size FAQ

How do I know my mattress size?

The dimensions of a mattressare measured it from head to foot for the length and from side to side for the width. As an extra, you can measure the depth or height of the mattress, from the bottom to the top.

What is the best size bed for couples?

The best mattress of your choice would be a King bed (75″ or 193 cm wide) for couples, which is the same for each person sleeping on their own Twin XL (37,5″ or 95cm wide) bed. The King bed offers each person 8” to 9″ inch of extra space than a using a Queen sized bed (60″ inch or 152 cms wide)

What are the most standard mattress sizes?

Twin or Single Mattress: 38″ X 75″ or 98 cm X 189 cm
Twin XL Mattress: 39″ x 80″ or 98 × 202 cm
Full or Double Mattress: 54″ x 75″ or 136 × 189 cm
Queen Mattress: 60″ x 80″ or 152 × 202 cm
King Mattress: 75″ x 80″ or 193 × 202 cm
California King: 72″ x 84″ or 183 × 212 cm

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