Improve online shopping with correct size-charts?

About us

Can we improve online shopping with correct size-charts?
With the exploding online commerce, time to help so many people worldwide.
That is the main reason for the existence of

The team of works several years in a global business to business fashion company. 

Main challenges to solve:
– improving online shopping with correct size-charts
– eliminating fitting problems and returns
– reducing the cost and ecological impact of shipment and returns

Daily we come across the challenges of fitting shoes, communicating with customers about shoes, sizes, labels on shoes, etc.

There are so many standards around that you can hardly say there’s a general objective standard out there.

Time to get this sorted out, we reckoned.

It all started with shoes but evolved quickly to actually anything which is sold online and needs sizing advice.

Being professionally working for a fast-moving consumer goods company with an extensive online presence, we know to just start and get it better and better along the way. Start, iterate, evaluate, …and so on—an evergoing story since 2014.

Working full time and being dedicated fathers/husbands (yeah, you know), we worked on it evenings and nights… We hope you like it, find it useful, and stay tuned for many updates.

We aim for a neutral and objective information service.

Improve online shopping with correct size-charts

Based on our experience in the matter, we also feel like sharing extra insights linked to size charts, fitting, etc… We focus on measuring your feet correctly, converting sizes from EU to US size, and many other variations…

As you know: When you buy online, size does matter 😉