Women’s Workwear Size Chart

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Is it important to know the right women’s workwear size chart before they buy it? Choosing the appropriate size for women’s workwear is critical for a comfortable fit. Incorrect measurements or size assumptions may waste time and money, so getting it right the first time is important.

Wearing a uniform that doesn’t fit properly impacts comfort, durability, safety, and look, so keep these in mind when purchasing.

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Keep a few key points in mind to avoid making mistakes while purchasing the right size of women’s workwear. To be satisfied with the proper size of your most excellent options, you must consider various aspects.

There are several essential elements to consider while purchasing women’s workwear to assist you in making better choices. Before buying women’s workwear, we must first determine the right women’s workwear size chart.

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Women’s Workwear Size Table of Contents

Women’s Workwear Size Chart

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A well-chosen outfit will fall flat if the components do not fit. The price tag, material, and label are all irrelevant if the clothing appears like it was plucked from a woman’s wardrobe.

Workwear reflects not only your look but also the organization you represent. Clothing that is too tight or loose might make you seem sloppy and sleazy.

You will never have to work too hard to impress with the perfect size and how it clings to your body. So, let’s look at the right women’s workwear size chart.

NUMERICAL SIZE00 – 240-2 & 25-264-6 & 27-288-10 & 29-3012-14 & 31-321618-20222426
BUST30½” – 31½”32” – 33”33½ – 35”36” – 38”40” – 42”43½” – 44½”46” – 47”47½” – 48½”49” – 50”50½” – 51½”
WAIST23” – 24”24½” – 25½”33½” – 35”26” – 27½”32½” – 34½”36” – 37”38½” – 39½”40” – 41”41½” – 42½”43” – 44”
HIGH HIP30” – 31”31½” – 32½”33” – 34½”35½” – 37½”39½” – 41½”43” – 44”45½” – 46½”47” – 48”48½” – 49½”50” – 51”
LOWER HIP33½” – 34½”35” – 36”36½” – 38”39” – 41”43” – 45”46½” – 47½”49” – 50”50½” – 51½”52” – 53”53½” – 54½”

Trousers Chart Sizes

METRIC SIZE82R87R92R97R102R107R112R117R122R
IMPERIAL SIZE456789101112
To Fit Waist (cm)82879297102107112117122
Inleg (cm)828282828282828282½

Polos, Vests, and Jackets Chart Sizes

To Fit Chest (cm)9297102107112117123130137

Lower and Upper Garment Chart Sizes

To Fit Bust (cm)80859095100105110115120125
To Fit Waist 2cm Below Belly Button697479848995101107113119
To Fit Hip (cm)889398103108113118123128133

How To Choose The Right Women’s Workwear Size

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To help you choose the right size for our workwear, consider the following tips:


It is better to take the time to measure your physique using a tape measure. It’s all about the hips, waist, and chest, including the buttocks. Please make a list of your values and keep it in your wallet for your next buy.

Most vendors should be able to accomplish this and will advise you appropriately.

Manufacturer Tables

When online shopping, many makers and brands have their measurements. Some of the tables are often available for purchase in online stores.

Please make use of them to ensure! Printing the chart might be helpful if you shop at a similar brand store.

Read Ratings

Other online consumers’ comments and ratings on a garment are also often valuable. Many reviewers note if the women’s workwear fit as anticipated or whether they would suggest a size smaller or bigger to others.

In addition, references to quality and material are often included in reviews.

Your Figure Type

Aside from body measurements, the figure type is also important: Some have narrow shoulders, while others have a slim waist and a broader pelvis.

Look for brands or cuts that suit your body shape.

How To Measure Women’s Workwear?

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Keep the measuring tape level tight but not too snug when obtaining women’s body measurements for workwear. Wear nothing except underwear or light clothing.

Moreover, women’s workwear measures change somewhat from men’s, but the techniques are essentially the same.

Women’s natural and lower waist measurements and hip size are often required, although neck measurements, for example, are seldom requested.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting all of the necessary body measurements for women’s workwear:

  • Neck size
  • Arm length
  • Lower waist circumference
  • Height
  • Bust size
  • Natural waist circumference
  • Hips

Learn more about how to measure women’s workwear (video)

How to Size for Women’s Workwear by National Safety Apparel

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do women’s trousers sizes work?

In general, the Size 0 standard is used in the United States, which corresponds to a waist and hips range for trousers sizes. Every size up has a ½-inch gap between the waist and hip.

For instance, a size four women’s jeans might suit ladies with waist measurements of 26 – 26½ inches and hip measurements of 34½ – 35 inches.

2. Why are women’s sizes so confusing?

Size inflation affects the sizing system, which began as a marketing effort to make women seem slimmer to sell more items. The random numerals on the garments become even more abstract and misleading.

3. Are women’s sizes of workwear getting bigger?

Women’s size measures have increased throughout the years, with sizes now distinguishing between curved and straight bodies.

4. What is the significance of the right women’s workwear size?

The clothing may be fitted if the sizes are right. Well-fitted clothing may improve not just a person’s appearance but also their personality.

The sizes for an outfit are determined by many criteria, including the style, kind of clothing, and gender of the customer.


Regarding women’s workwear, maximum comfort and movement mobility are essential. To do so, you must understand how to fit your workwear properly.

Take the essential women’s workwear size chart for the clothing you want. For example, measuring your neck size is unimportant when purchasing a new pair of work trousers, but it is required when purchasing a new high-visibility work shirt.

Always maintain current measures as near your body as possible without any clothing in the way for rapid conversions. Please keep this valuable information by storing it on your phone or in your wallet.

Do you have any unanswered questions? Simply leave a comment below.

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