All Nippon Airways Sizes: Luggage, Seats…

ANA along with Japan airlines are the big players in Japanese flights and the “home” international airport (Haneda Airport) is equipped with baggage drop machines. These machines are best at determining the dimensions of baggage. However, depending on the region of departure (mostly on African and American routes), it will be better to leave home with preparation for the right sizes (skip straight to the All Nippon Airways Size charts).

All Nippon Airways Sizes: Luggage, Seats
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The booklet size airways magazine has reliable information about sizes. But you don’t have to wait till you are on board before you know the right things. 

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All Nippon Airways sizes Table of Contents

All Nippon Airways Luggage Size Chart

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There are several baggage rules. The rules range from linear dimensions to location concerning exit row seats. The linear dimensions of a box or bag is what you get when you add the length, width, and height of the luggage together. This means that “Linear dimensions = Length + Height + Width”.

ClassBaggage WeightLinear DimensionsNumber Of Bags
First70 Ibs 32 Kg62 In 158 Cm3
Business70 Ibs 32 Kg62 In
158 Cm
Premium Economy50 Ibs 23 Kg62 In
158 Cm
Economy50 Ibs 23 Kg62 In
158 Cm

Maximum Baggage Length

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Nippon Airways’ fleet is quite diverse and the maximum length of each piece of baggage is affected by the aircraft type. The linear dimensions remain roughly the same, but you have to keep an eye on the length and you may compensate with height or width.

Aircraft TypeLength (In)Length (Cm)
789 (Boeing)98250
788 (Boeing)98250
DH8 (Bombardier)70180
DH2 (Bombardier)63160
CR7 (Bombardier)98250
Airbus A320102260

All Nippon Airways Seat Sizes For Wide Body Jets

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Seat sizes are measured in pitch and width. The width is quite easy to remember. It is the measure from one armrest to the other. Pitch on the other hand is more tricky. It is the measure from the back of the seat to the back of the seat in front of it. However, to cater for additional seat space meant for the legs, seat pitch is always measured at the lower parts of the seats. For an adult, passenger seat sizes affect traveler comfort, flight entertainment, and connectivity.

There is more than one layout for each aircraft type. Domestic flights usually have the smallest seat, simply because domestic routes are shorter. The domestic sector might also not worry much about flight entertainment and only include perhaps an inflight magazine. 

Truly large seats start to show up among premium economy seats on international routes. All the aircraft and their possible layouts are identified below. The word “Layout” is designated with the letter “L”. Layout simply means the arrangement of the interior of the plane. Any aircraft unidentified is probably not a staple for a passenger flight.


This always has the smallest seats and the smallest cabin spaces. The little spaces are so as to help manage prices. On their widebody jets, each seat has a video infotainment system and most of the seats are power seats.

Aircraft Pitch (In)Pitch (Cm)Width (In)Width (Cm)
Airbus A380 (388) L1621572153
Airbus A380 (388) L232-3481-871743
Boeing (763) Domestic317917.544
763 L1317918.647
763 L231791743
Boeing 77W L1348616.542
77W L2348616.542
77W L331791743
77W L431791743
Boeing 78131-3479-871743
Boeing 788 L1317917.344
788 L2317918.647.2
788 Domestic31-3479-871743
788 L431791743
Boeing 789 L1348717.344
789 L2348717.344
789 Domestic31-3479-871743
Boeing 772 Domestic31-3279-811743
Boeing 773 Domestic31-3279-811743

Premium Economy

The primary difference between this class and the “Economy” class is the extra space meant for each customer. This means that the passenger has more space to sit, stretch, and move around. Apart from larger seat pitch and width, there is usually not much of a difference.

AircraftPitch (In)Pitch (Cm)Width (In)Width (Cm)
Airbus A380 (388)38971948
Boeing 77W L1389719.349
77W L2389719.349
77W L3389718.547
77W L438971948
Boeing 78138971948
Boeing 788 L1389719.349
788 L238971948
788 L3389719.349
788 L4389719.349

Business Class 

This is where the big seats start to show up. The seats are not only large but also has space around them to easily allow body shifts. It is also noteworthy that all seats in business class are power seats except for just one aircraft. The Boeing 763 in its domestic layout is the only exception for business class without power seats.

AircraftPitch (In)Pitch (Cm)Width (In)Width (Cm)
Boeing 763 Domestic501272051
763 L15012721.551
763 L2501272051
772 Domestic621572051
773 Domestic621572153
77W L1621572153
77W L2531352153
77W L3531352153
77W L4531353589
788 L1591502153
788 L25915021.555
788 L3601522153
788 L4451142153
789 L1621572153
789 L2621572153
789 Domestic601522153

First Class

This doesn’t need an explanation. It’s the largest, most roomy option. All seats are power seats, all seats have video options, and all seats are literally designed to not be affected by the seat beside them.

AircraftPitch (In)Pitch (Cm)Width (In)Width (Cm)
Airbus A380 (388)781983384
Boeing 77W L1761933384
77W L2761933384
77W L3761933384
77W 761933897

Learn more about All Nippon Airways sizes (video)

ANA All Nippon Airways Economy Class Review! (FLYING TO TOKYO) (LIFE IN JAPAN EP.1) by Here be Barr

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of luggage sizes for ANA?

ANA allows a variety of baggage on board. The physical dimensions can literally be anything as long as it doesn’t exceed the linear sizes mentioned above.

Certified carriers such as a pet cage or a baby stroller must be stored such that they do not obstruct emergency exits in the case of an emergency evacuation. Elderly passengers who need a special request for transport may need to have an inherent defect worthy of consideration before they can be allowed on board with complex electronics.

What is the maximum luggage size to check in at ANA?

Excess baggage charges are applied to any luggage that is considered too long for the customer’s cabin. Items with linear dimensions that are more than 292 cm or weigh over 45 kg are not accepted as checked baggage. Excess baggage fees range from 60 to 200 US Dollars. Airline crews usually have no need to worry about maximum size.

Is ANA strict with baggage?

All Nippon Airways has low freighter aircraft accidents because of their strict size limits. Airport staff and cabin crew such as cabin attendants are given a well moderated. Fragile items might not be allowed on the flight. If they would be, they must meet several requirements.

How many checked bags are on ANA airlines?

Depending on your class, all customers are allowed 2 or 3 bags. If the customer is a member of an airline alliance such as the Star alliance, then ANA airport support can allow up to 5 bags.

What is the international carry-on size?

A carry-on baggage that can be referred to as a personal item must not have dimensions beyond 22 x 16 x 9 in (55 x 40 x 23 cm). The maximum weight should be 10 kilograms (22 Ibs). Find a way to install all your personal belongings into this space.

How big are economy seats in All Nippon Airways?

Economy seats for ANA depend on the aircraft interiors of each model. Although the seats can’t contain you and golf bags, considerable care has been taken to make sure that they are comfortable enough. The seats usually have a pitch of 31-34 inches ( 79- 87 cm) and a width of 17 inches ( 43 cm ).

How many airplanes does ANA own?

If we include Nippon cargo airlines in the airline directory, then there are 214 airplanes that cover the 104 destinations on the applicable routes of ANA-Operated flights.


The air transport world has several maximum weight requirements and size allocations. The baggage allowance of ANA is designed with two things in mind. Simplified baggage claim, and competitive customer comfort. The training flight international program is the only known situation in which the sizes here may not hold. 

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