Surfboard Size Guide and Dimensions

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Many people still heavily value surfing in their daily lives. The activity has many advantageous psychological and physical advantages. Given that it necessitates intensive cardiovascular activity, it first strengthens the heart (skip straight to the Surfboard Size Chart).

Additionally, it is said to improve immunity and enhance the immune system in addition to physical muscles. The psychological benefits of surfing include raising levels of healthy hormones in the brain, decreasing depression, improving sleep, and improving overall wellness.

The first step to becoming a professional surfer and enjoying all of surfing’s health advantages is to get a surfboard. A surfer will be able to maximize their efforts on the surf with the correct surfboard.

Surfboard Size Guide and Dimensions
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Given that it includes a surfboard size chart, this article can be used as a reference for choosing the most perfect surfboard. Additionally, it offers advice on how to choose the best surfboard for your needs as well as answers to some of the most often-asked issues on the web.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Surfboard Size Table of Contents

Surfboard Size Chart

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Surfer weight Surfer weight Surfboard Volume (liters)  
(lbs)(kg)Amateur SurferIntermediate SurferAdvance Surfer
803624 – 322016 – 17
853825 – 332117
904026 – 342117-18
954327 – 352218
1004529 – 382419-20
1054829 – 382419-20
1105029 – 3924,519,5 – 20,5
1155230 – 4125,520-21,5
1205531 – 422621-22
1255732 – 422621-22
1305932 – 432721-22,5
1356133 – 452822-23
1406433 – 452822-23,5
1456635 – 462923-24
1506836 – 483024-25
1557037 – 493124,5-26
1607338 – 513225,5-26,5
1657539 – 523326 – 27,5
1707740 – 543427-28,5
1758041 – 543528 – 29
1808243 – 573628,5 – 30
1858444 – 593729,5 – 31
1908645 – 603830 – 32
1958946 – 623931 – 32,5
2009148 – 644032 – 33,5
2059349 – 654132,5 – 34
2109550 – 674233,5 – 35
2159851 – 684334 – 36
22010054 – 724536 – 38
22510355 – 744637 – 39
23010558 – 774839 – 40,5
23510759 – 795039,5 – 41,5
24011062 – 835241,5 – 43,5

How to Know Which Surfboard Size is Right for You

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When getting a surfboard, there are three important things to note; the surfboard measurements, the volume of the surfboard, and the type and types of surfboards.

Dimensions of the Surfboard

The length, width, and thickness of the surfboard make up its dimensionsΒ . They play a significant role in establishing your equilibrium while surfing. Due to their larger surface area and ease of paddling, longer surfboards are ideal for smaller waves.

Conversely, shorter surfboards are easier to maneuver while surfing and work best in larger waves.

To measure the length of the surfboard, take a measuring tape across it from its nose to its tail.

The width is measured by taking the tape across the board on its widest side, while the thickness of the board is measured by taking the tape across it from the side of its face to the side of its back.

The volume of the Surfboard

A surfboard’s volume is essentially calculated by multiplying the values of its dimensions. It is a crucial factor to take into account when selecting a surfboard because the volume of a surfboard frequently affects how much foam it produces.

In general, as you get more adept at the sport, your surfboard volume should decrease. Additionally, the appropriate volume of your surfboard will be larger the heavier you are.

Learn more about surfboard sizes and different types (video)

How to choose the right size surfboard – “The Big 3” by REAL Watersports

Frequently Asked Questions

What size surfboard should a beginner get?

Beginners are frequently encouraged not to buy surfboards right away. Instead, they should rent boards while learning to surf so that they may determine which size and shape best suits them. Once they are more skilled at the activity, they can then purchase that board.

Nonetheless, a beginner longboard surfboard is often recommended for the novice average surfer.

It is also recommended that they get wider boards, with wider noses.  This is because wider surfboards provide more balance and this is important for amateurs, unlike advanced riders.

The ideal beginner board for an average-weight surfer should be about  8 feet (2.43m) long and 22 inches (0.5m) wide.

What are the dimensions of a surfboard?

The surfboard’s length, width, and thickness are among its dimensions. They play a significant role in establishing your equilibrium while surfing. Due to their larger surface area and ease of paddling, longer surfboards are ideal for smaller waves.

Conversely, shorter surfboards are easier to maneuver while surfing and work best in larger waves.

Is a 7ft surfboard size for surfers who are still learning?

A 7ft (2.13m) surfboard is often sufficient for novice surfers, although the most ideal surfboard length for adult beginners of average weight is 8ft.

What size board do experienced surfers use?

The good thing about being an experienced surfer is that you would have had enough time to choose the most fitting surfboard for you.

Advanced surfers are able to use surfboards with lower volumes and thus shorter boards (shortboards) with narrow noses.

Also, they are able to use less thick surfboards and a wide range of surf style boards.

What height surfboard should I get?

The length of your surfboard will depend greatly on your weight and skill level as a surfer.

Beginners are generally advised to get surfboards that are about 8ft (2.43m) as this is sufficient to provide balance to any adult beginner surfer of average weight.

How do I pick my first surfboard?

Before buying a surfboard, it is advisable to first rent a bunch of surfboards to test your balance, and then after advancing for a bit as a surfer, you can then purchase a surfboard of your liking.

This way, you will be able to reduce the chances of purchasing an unfitting board and having to return it later, which could cost you money and time.

Are soft-top surfboards good for beginners?

Yes, soft boards are likely the most user-friendly type of surfboard for beginners or learners. Beginner surfboards should offer a thruster setup even for heavier surfers.

Beginner surfers require softer waves (weaker waves), extra volume in liters for surfboards, and a more rounded nose for the best surfing experience.

There is a wide variety of board types available and the most fitting surfboard type is largely dependent on surfing ability or ability levels, the type of waves available for surfing (surfing conditions), and your surfing style.


This article about the surfboard size chart should have been useful to you. Having a surfboard is the first step to becoming a professional surfer and enjoying all of the good psychological and physical consequences that surfing has to offer.

The aforementioned article included a surfboard sizing chart, advice on how to determine which surfboard is best for you, and responses to some of the most frequently asked questions online.

When purchasing a surfboard, keep in mind that there are three crucial factors to consider: the surfboard’s size, its volume, and its style and design.

The length, width, and thickness of a surfboard make up its dimensions. In contrast, the volume of a surfboard is calculated by multiplying the values of its dimensions. Beginners should rent surfboards while learning the sport rather than rushing out and buying them.

A 7-foot (2.13 m) surfboard is frequently adequate for beginners, but an adult beginning of normal weight should acquire a surfboard that is roughly 8 feet (2.43 m) long and about 22 inches (0.5 m) wide.

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