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Different apparel brands offer different sizes for men, women, and kids to cater to the needs of the right fit of clothing for all ages. Liu Jo has been a trusted clothing apparel brand for many years, and they make sure to provide different size charts for their products (skip straight to the Liu Jo Size Charts).

But why is having a Liu Jo size chart important? Because online shopping is not certain, ordering a medium but receiving a small size is quite unpleasant.

Liu Jo Size Charts
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You cannot make sure that you order the right fit for you. With this, Liu Jo size charts provide buyers with the right fit with international sizing and accurate measurements of centimeters and inches that may assist buyers in buying their clothes and shoes. Moreover, this also serves as a guide for everyone in buying the right clothes for their loved ones.

Check this article out to see the different sizes for men, women, and kids that may assist you while shopping online at Liu Jo.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Liu Jo Size Table of Contents

The Liu Jo Size Charts

Liu Jo sells different clothes and shoes for men, women, and kids. They also provide complete size chart guides to assist buyers in choosing the right size for them.

Liu Jo Size Chart For Men

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International SizingEurope SizingNeck (in)Neck (cm)Hips (in)Hips (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Bust (in)Bust (cm)
XS4014.5/14.9 in37/38 cm35.43 in90 cm28.35 in72 cm34.65 in88 cm
S4214.9/ 15.3 in38/39 cm37 in94 cm32.28 in82 cm36.22 in92 cm
M4415.7/ 16.1 in40/41 cm38.58 in98 cm33.86 in86 cm37.80 in96 cm
L4616.5/ 16.9 in42/43 cm40.16 in102 cm35.43 in90 cm39.37 in100 cm
XL4817.3/ 17.7 in44/45 cm41.73 in106 cm37 in94 cm40.94 in104 cm
XXL5018.1/ 18.5 in46/47 cm43.30 in110 cm38.58 in98 cm42.52 in108 cm

Shorts Or Trousers

International SizingEurope SizingInner Leg (in)Inner Leg (cm)Hips (in)Hips (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
XS4031.49 in80 cm35.43 in90 cm31.49 in80 cm
XS4031.49 in80 cm36.22 in92 cm32.28 in82 cm
S4231.88 in81 cm37 in94 cm33.07 in84 cm
S4231.88 in81 cm37.79 in96 cm33.85 in86 cm
M4432.28 in82 cm38.58 in98 cm34.64 in88 cm
M4432.28 in82 cm39.37 in100 cm35.43 in90 cm
L4632.67 in83 cm40.15 in102 cm36.22 in92 cm
XL4832.67 in83 cm41.73 in106 cm37.79 in96 cm
XXL5033.07 in84 cm43.30 in110 cm39.37 in100 cm

Liu Jo Size Chart For Women

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Tops And Shirts

International SizingEurope SizingItalian SizingWaist (in)Waist (cm)Bust (in)Bust (cm)
XS323823.62 in60 cm31.49 in80 cm
S344025.19 in64 cm33.07 in84 cm
M364226.77 in68 cm34.64 in88 cm
L384428.34 in72 cm36.22 in92 cm
XL404629.92 in76 cm37.79 in96 cm
XXL424831.49 in80 cm39.37 in100 cm


International SizingAmerican SizingItalian SizingHips (in)Hips (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
XS253834.05 in86.5 cm24.60 in62.5 cm
XS264035.03 in89 cm25.59 in65 cm
S274036.02 in91.5 cm26.57 in67.5 cm
S284237 in94 cm27.55 in70 cm
M294237.99 in96.5 cm28.54 in72.5 cm
M304438.97 in99 cm29.52 in75 cm
L314439.96 in101.5 cm30.51 in77.5 cm
L324640.94 in104 cm31.49 in80 cm
XL334841.92 in106.5 cm32.48 in82.5 cm

Liu Jo Size Chart For Kids

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Age (Months)Height (in)Height (cm)Bust (in)Bust (cm)Hips (in)Hips (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
324.40 in62 cm16.92 in43 cm18.89 in48 cm16.92 in43 cm
626.77 in68 cm17.71 in45 cm19.68 in50 cm17.71 in45 cm
929.13 in74 cm18.50 in47 cm20.47 in52 cm18.50 in47 cm
1231.49 in80 cm19.29 in49 cm21.25 in54 cm19.29 in49 cm


Age (years)SizeHeight (in)Height (cm)Hips (in)Hips (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Bust (in)Bust (cm)
8XXS50.39- 51.18 in128-130 cm27.55 in70 cm22.83 in58 cm25.19 in64 cm
10XS55.11 in140 cm29.13 in74 cm24.01 in61 cm27.55 in70 cm
12S59.84 in152 cm31.49 in80 cm25.19 in64 cm29.92 in76 cm
14M64.56 in164 cm33.85 in86 cm26.37 in67 cm31.88 in81 cm
16L66.92 in170 cm35.82 in91 cm27.55 in70 cm33.46 in85 cm

Shoe Sizes For Women And Kids

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International SizingMeasurementsLength (in)Length (cm)
XS358.26 in21 cm
S368.66 in22 cm
M379.05 in23 cm
L389.25 in23.5 cm
XL399.64 in24.5 cm
XXL4010.03 in25.5 cm
XXXL4110.23 in26 cm


International SizingAge (years)Foot Length (in)Foot Length (cm)
200-15.27 in13.4 cm
211-35.51 in14 cm
221-35.74 in14.6 cm
231-36.02 in15.3 cm
241-36.25 in15.9 cm
251-36.53 in16.6 cm
261-36.77 in17.2 cm
274-67 in17.8 cm
284-67.28 in18.5 cm
294-67.51 in19.1 cm
304-67.87 in20 cm
314-68.11 in20.6 cm
327-108.34 in21.2 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Take Measurements For Women?

  • Bust: Make a horizontal and thorough measurement along the bust’s circumference.
  • Waist: Take measures around the smallest region of the ribs and the belly, horizontally and securely.
  • Hips: Make a precise and horizontal measurement along the top half of the legs.

How To Take Measurements For Men?

  • Neck: Measure around your neck, which joins your shoulders, using the measuring tape. Place your fingers across the tape measure and your neck for looser-fitting collars.
  • Sleeve: Bend your elbows and place your palm on your hips. Request a buddy to measure you from the wrist bone to the back of your neck, over the elbow and shoulder.
  • Chest Breadth– Measure under your underarm, over your chest width, and between your shoulder blades. Maintain the measuring tape horizontally and avoid pulling too tightly or holding your breath when taking the measurement.
  • Waist: Wrap the measuring tape over your normal waistline, near your navel. Before measuring, place one fingertip between your body and the measuring tape.
  • Inseam: The inseam is the distance between your crotch and your lower ankle. You may discover that it is easiest to measure on a pair of jeans that currently fit you.

How To Get Your Right Shoe Size?

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Foot Measurement

Keep your foot width and length in mind when shopping for new shoes. Don’t ever measure your foot when inside a shoe; always measure it plain on the surface.

Selecting The Correct Width

Selecting the correct shoe width is critical for your foot’s comfort and health. Various shoe widths offer different rooms and fitting alternatives. Wide-width shoes, for instance, have a deeper toe cap and a broader sole than regular-fit shoes.

Is Liu Jo true to size?

As Liu Jo prioritizes clients’ satisfaction and happiness, they make sure to give accurate and suitable sizes for both men and women, assuring that you will get clothes that will fit you.

In addition, they guarantee to offer sizes in different countries, giving you options on what will be the best for you.

How should Liu Jo’s pants fit?

Lin Jo’s pants measurements depend on the wearer; either he is a man, or she is a woman. Ensure accurate measurements of your hips, waist, and inside leg length are obtained.

Then, after getting your measurements, compare the results with Liu Jo size charts to get pants with the right fit for you.

Does Liu Jo have plus-size clothing?

Lin Jo caters not only to average-sized people but also offers plus-size clothing and apparel, helping everyone get their fashion outfit for every day’s fab.

Moreover, because they always think outside the box, you can surely find clothes that suit your taste and preferences.

What’s the medium in Liu Jo?

Do not worry, because Lin Jo offers medium sizes. Just see the International size columns, and you will see the different medium sizes for women, men, and kids’ clothes.

Do Liu Jo shoes have different widths available?

Yes, different widths are available in Liu Jo for those who are finding the perfect shoe size. Scroll your way through different size charts, and you will surely find the right fit for you.


As an online shopper, having a size chart is important to purchase clothes and shoes with the right fit. It provides convenience and assurance that the order you receive has the same size as you. This is why Liu Jo makes sure to offer size charts for their different clothes and shoe apparel for men, women, and kids.

Their Liu Jo sizes charts contain tops, shirts, and trousers for newborns and kids, assisting you in purchasing the right size for you. If you have more questions or queries, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

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